hybrid electric and self-propelled pedal boats by the Nauticraft Corporation.

waterfront architecture (www.johnlucasarchitect.com)

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The Jumping Mullet Boat Company offers ecologically-sensitive boating and building opportunities.

As the exclusive dealer for Nauticraft Corporation products in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, Jumping Mullet sells the best hybrid and self-propelled watercraft on the market. Redefining human powered boating, Nauticraft Corporation builds functional and stylish pedal, electric and sailboats. Nauticraft boats give a level of efficiency, comfort and durability far surpassing ordinary paddle boats.

Great boats, great fun! The best in marine architecture...the future now. These well engineered roto-molded Nauticraft pedal boats, like recumbent bicycles, put you in a position to exercise and a posture for memorable recreation and transport. Pedal fast, pedal slowly or motor; you get where you want to go while enjoying the process. For the full line of models, go to www.nauticraft.com.

John Lucas, Architect has been practicing architecture since 1976. His award winning projects include waterfront houses, decks and urban parks on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and along Coastal Carolina waterways.